I first had the idea to create a read-one-a-day jar. That kind of gift usually consists in 365 little pieces of paper in a box. The reciever randomly picks one every day of the year. Those can be pretty expensive at the store and what’s on the paper is not always meaningful for the reciever. What not do it yourself ? For your bestfriend, a family member or your significant other, it’s a nice way to tell how you appreciate them.

There are plenty of things you can write on those papers

  • Memories you cherished or things you appreciate from that someone
  • Inspirational quotes you handpicked
  • Jokes to brighten the day
  • Chinese cookie inspired notes

I wanted the jar not to be useless at the end of the year and merged the concept with this Pinterest inspiration :


You can use rubber bands, ropes or scotch tape to design a pattern on the jar. I just taped leftover ribbons.


You can paint over it, but I spray-painted two layers of different metallic shades instead.


You than print your little pieces of paper and voilà !