So a lot of people helped you for your wedding. You want to say thank you to all your girls but on a tight budget ?

Here’s a plan for a 15 bucks thank you basket.

To play around the wedding theme and be sure the basket itself would be useful, I went for the lace plant pot found at IKEA. Cost : 2$


Browsing Ebay, especially if you need big quantities of a little thing, can help you save a lot of money. I found those cute flower clips in black and white. Cost : 4 for 2$


They will give a polished look at your gift and can actually be reused later in an hairstyle or on a dress.


I’d write the date of the wedding in blue under a petal.

On the same website, there were also a set of pill/jewelry boxes shaped as french macaroons. Cost : 6 for 4$



To fill the basket, I chose good-looking favors :

Godiva bars found at Winners or TJmax: 2$

Fragrance at Victoria’s Secret : 6$

Pocket sanitizer : 3 for 5$ at Bath Body and Beyond



You can actually save more on this gift by planning in advance and taking advantage of sales. If you find the fragrance too expensive or personal, sample size of Nutella, apple jelly or even beauty products won’t overthrow your budget. Chocolates, caramel and candies in bulk can do the trick too.


Total cost of the gift for one person : 13$+tx. Voilà !