Step 1 : Know the purpose of the basket and the budget

Who are you going to give the basket ? What’s the occasion ? Should the basket be related to what is celebrated? Who is contributing ? What’s the amount you want to aim for ?

Step 2 : Find a little bit of info about the receiver

Hobbies, favorite type of food, favorite colors, activities, upcoming projects…anything is good to know.

Do not try to use all the information you got. It will make it harder to find a purpose for your basket.

Step 3 : For your budget, choose 1,2 or 3 main pieces in the basket and fill with smaller goodies

Make a list of what could go in the basket. Prioritize what’s most important and be aware of sales. When you are sure you won’t go over budget, you can add fillers like candies  and other cheap goodies.

A bag full of dollar store items usually won’t make a great impact. A good rule of thumb would be choosing something half your budget will go on and make it your center piece.

The majority of your basket should be filled with meaningful and useful items for the receiver, otherwise the gift will look rushed and impersonal.

Gift without a purpose. Red,black and gold colored theme, nice items, still not great to receive. The box could be filled with money, socks or gift cards and be transformed into the center piece.

Step 4: Pick the perfect basket

May it be a jar, a make up bag, a tot, a Tupperware or a carton box, select something with the right size.

Too small and you won’t be able to put it all without cramming all objects one on the other.

Too big and the basket will look empty.

This one is not mine. The jar is full, but you can see everything has its place.

Step 5: Make it beautiful

You don’t have to go over the top when putting the final touch. Ribbons here and there, a big flower, nicely disposed items, Christmas flowers, tissue paper…Anything that add color and texture can make your basket pop.

Another great basket found on Pinterest. Bonus point for the dish clothing which make a great re-usable decoration.