My boyfriend’s niece is blossoming and coming at the age where you learn a little bit more about what you like and try new things.

We asked for her favorite color, the things she likes to buy, her personal projects and what she likes to do with her friends.

She wanted a panini grill, loved purple and her parents told us she was taking a lot a pictures with her Instax and liked to try easy recipes found on the internet . Last christmas, she asked for a Bath and Body gift card.

With all that information, we tried to add on on what she already have.

Here’s how we made a Less than an 100$ tween girl birthday basket.



Items at the dollar store

  • Basket
  • Flower
  • Wrapping
  • Highlighters and pencils
  • Chocolates
  • Candy

The highlighters were aromatic and we went for Toblerone, Nerds and Starburst for her sweet tooth.

Items in the baskets

  • Book (Panini recipe book)
  • Make Up bag
  • Purple and natural nail polishes
  • Nail art (nail tatoo and nail pearls)
  • Gold temporary tatoo
  • Panda cookies
  • A purple scrapbook
  • Two rolls of instax film
  • 3 for 12$ lotions from Bath and Body works
  • Itune gift card
  • Earing set fitting her current style

That was the first time we went off the usual birthday-list  and the let’s-just-giver-her-money trope.

Turned out she really liked it.She was overwhelmed by the basket and we got tears of joy in her sparkly eyes.